Finishing & Extras

Standard & custom finishing options
Standard center / monoblock options:
brushed gunmetal
brushed aluminium
hyper silver
matte black
gloss black
hyper black silver
black chrome
Standard lip options:
black chrome on black chrome wheels
inox lip on any painted finish
painted lip (gloss or matte)


Brushed aluminium technology

We introduce the brushed aluminium technology! The brushing gives the metal a distinctive look, as it retains some but not all of its metallic lustre and is given a pattern of very fine lines parallel to the brushing direction. It can be compared to metal covered with small scratches all running in the same direction. Brushed finishes typically have a detrimental effect on corrosion resistance. In particular the brushed texture limits the ability of fluid to bead on the material surface.


Center caps:
standard: Z-Performance Logo printed Carbon
optional: Alloy Centercap "Luxury Spec"
Lugs - Finishes:
gloss black
Lugs - Specifications:
standard: simple (no incsriptions)
optional: z-performance lugs with Logo
Alloy valves with z-performance logo
Valves - Finishes:


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